Project 3 is a major project which took 2 months to complete.
For Project 3, posts will be held here as my lecturer has introduced a new platform of journal, which is through blogs. This has been an interesting process.

Group work.

A 2 weeks group project to let us work together and find out more about the site, which was at Circuit Road, Macpherson, Singapore.

Here's a brief video on our site, and what goes on there.


After a long journey of thinking through (which can be found at my original blog), here's the summary of what I came up with.

First ten slides. (end with target audience)

The main issue of the site is 
1. Education (1/4 of residents are of no qualifications
2. Elderly (1/8 of them are aged 60 and above)

Main concept was to create a backyard haven; a conducive environment that is cosy and homely.

Next ten. (starts from concept model all the way to Learning Area <with blue seatings>)

Site would be in between two blocks (48 and 49). Thus the project title is Forty Eight point five. The programmes are broken down into 6. A four storey cuboid structure that is not so compact. 

Recharge and Reload (above slide)
Learning Area (above slide)
Nook for Books (bottom slide)
Tech-Ercise (bottom slide)
Lift Lobby Linkage (bottom slide)
A-Maze-Ramp (bottom slide)
Share A Dish (bottom slide)
Read in the Green (bottom slide)

Last nine slides. (Starts from Nook for Books <one with shelves and carpet> to the man bowing in thank you.) 
Slide before the last was to show the process of the model making.

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