Honored to have been curated and contributed to an exhbition called KAMPONG, that was from 01 May to 15 May 2014 at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and Taman Jurong CC.

Childhood dreams

My interpretation:
iPad being the main subject (showing technology advancing)
along with hands - that belong to me, and my younger nieces
Under the Photos;
 categorised as childhood snacks (the things we used to eat -colourful figure of 8 chocs, push pop, polar snack, bobdog, hawflakes, jellybean, polo etc.), 
forgotten playgrounds (dragon, watermelon and train; unique and different from modern ones), 
childhood games (such as polly pocket, aeroplane and card games), 
and lastly forgotten places (sungei road, people's park complex and rochor centre)

Fun fact:
(top) how iPad is renamed as iPlay and the time is 02:10PM (my birth date and PM cause I was borned in the evening) and the battery life is 94% (year I was born in)

"With exhibits and artworks on display revolving around the theme "childhood endeavours”, this project aims to craft a path for youths, to inspire them to pursue their aspirations and providing value to society instead of only wooing material wealth and luxury. "

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