003 100 doors

(installation of 100 doors over at NTU Art Design Media)

(taken by Donn Tan)

to document 100 different doors/facade while noting the interesting common findings along corridors
some door examples

from the exploratory trips, it was seen how each door tells their personal story. it shows an individual character. by placing them side by side and seeing them as a whole, we can clearly see the variety in style and the similarities most common households have. from the exterior of a home, we can pick out the door types, the gates, the colours, the footwear. bicycles and prams, wheelchairs, bird cages and many other things

HDB doors were chosen as more than 80% of Singapore's population live in HDB flats, thus it is a common subject and it is easier to relate. through this photo display of 100 doors, it's like a game of spot the similarities

these doors are from the end of the corridor houses and are located in Bedok



how is it that we tend to adapt to a place so easily and call it a home? these items are signs of beliefs, thoughts and convenience.

1. surveillance cameras outside homes

these may be possible scenarios to why a camera was installed. on the left, a house has yellow paint splattered on the window and another shows paint marks that had been covered.

2. ramps (for wheelchair/strollers etc.)

we can observe how instead of stairs, ramps are used at the front of the doors. these ramps act as a convenient accessibility for not only wheelchair users but also strollers and trolleys.

3. religious items/beliefs

items related to religious beliefs are typical sights at a block in Singapore. they may be for protection from evil spirits or serve as a decoration to show personal religion beliefs

4. chairs
5. cats  

6. birds in cages

an Instagram account was created for easier observation for each individual door (which will span over a month, 3 doors a day) - started on 10 apr 2016

(click image to go to account)


a simple exercise

can you find and count how many doors there are with

bicycles (  )
blue doors ( )
chinese lanterns/pineapples (  )
cameras ( )
greeneries on doors ( )
bird cages ( )
shoe racks (  )
 cupboards (  )
open doors (  )
trolleys ( )
wind chimes ( )
brown doors (  )
open gates ( )
people ( )

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