ran away to cameron highlands for a bit and here's some detailed information on what went down. been doing research from the net and not many was updated so hope this helps!

if you're planning to have a nice short getaway, cameron highlands is definitely a location to consider. i'm being quite biased tbh cause i've been wanting to see the tea plantation with my own eyes ever since i knew the existence of it. the time was about right because it was not a peak season (not a school holiday period) and it was not crowded.

1. took a 9am bus from golden mile tower > kl terminal bersepadu selatan (tbs) at sgd20 
arrived at 4pm

2. took a 5pm bus from kl tbs > cameron highlands' tanah rata at rm35 (sgd 12)
(only 2 people were going to cameron highlands while the other 5 passengers dropped at tapa)
arrived at 9pm

3. checked in at hillview inn (sgd33/night) which had been booked at agoda.com after reading gr8 reviews on the place
convenient location, near food places and stores!

total for bus fare: sgd20 + sgd 12 = sgd 32 

 3 days worth plus booking fee =  sgd 108.45


there were many tour packages which were consistent in price and brought you to the places accordingly

cameron tour, at rm50 brought you to

butterfly farm 
entry fee of rm7. there were rabbits, turtles, chicken, snakes, scorpions.. butterflies (as the name mentioned). this was near a cactus shop too.

tea plantation 
this was why i came to cameron highlands and i wished we'd spent more time here. honestly can spend a few hours here (shall do that the next time i go hehe)

mt brinchang 
nothing much rlly - it was quite foggy so we did not get to see ipoh. had to climb this tower which was kind of a let down

mossy forest
not impressed because i nearly got lost wandering alone and when i was there, there were two sets of couple taking photos in their wedding outfits and i was confused and thought they were the same one and the guide told us once we reached the end we had to turn back so it was not a loop, so just imagine a very confused person who thought she saw the same thing even before u turning so she thought there was a short cut??? almost did not make it out of there lel #selenge

boh tea cafe and factory 
the factory was more of a walkthrough where the processes of how tea was made from the leaves were shown. no tour here. the cafe. major love. the food they sold there *insert 100 emoji. the desserts when paired with the view. wew. tried 3 cakes - cotton cheesecake, carrotcake and matcha tiramisu and some others.... (you can catch a glimpse of this from the video)

strawberry farm 
no hate, but i was not impressed one bit. i did not bother to take photos of the strawberries even.

you could pluck your own strawberries at rm30 for 500g worth of strawberry and the sellers sold 1kg worth at rm30 - this was because they did not really encourage people to pluck strawberries as we do not know the proper technique. anw tried the strawberry milkshake and juice cause perangai budak gemok but it was good. the strawberries were not as sweet even though it was pretty red. moral of the story; don't judge a strawberry by its looks

the tour consisted of 10 people in a minivan, with a guide/driver and it was from 9am-2pm. spent some time waiting tbh

total fare: sgd 19.50 (solely rm50 + rm7 - not inclusive of strawberry milkshake, jucies, tea, cakes that was purchased at different stops, if i were to count that in, you'll be shocked haha etc)



if you're in a group of 2-4 people, take a taxi tour instead. you do not have to waste time and wait for others who are doing things at their own pace (trekking at mossy forest etc) and can spend more time/skip spots they recommend in tour packages.

a taxi tour counts at a flat rate rm75 (sgd 25.60) for 3 hours minimum (rm25/h) so it's definitely more worth it. plus you can ask the driver to actually stop at certain places just to take photos, unlike being in a tour van and missing out on a view because they don't stop for anyone #goforit


trip back

bought a direct bus ticket to sg (konsortium) at rm125. from tanah rata bus terminal we took a van to a nearby location, and changed to another van that sent us to a hotel where the bus was and boarded it with some other people. the bus got changed at a stop cause it was only half filled wth srsly. the changing of buses and moving of bags were extremely troublesome pls step up your game konsortium.

total fare: sgd 42.70 (got it cause it was quite a hassle to change bus at kl, so you can say i was lazy)

in summary, around sgd 202.65 for accomodation, bus tickets and tours. food wise, in my case, roughly sgd 100? i believe. :-)


hope this helps, bye!

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