embarked on a personal project that has been in my mind for over a year. inspired by the aerial shots of the prayers at Mekkah, the #terawihseries' intentions were simple.

1. to capture the beauty in prayers in the mosques in Singapore during Ramadan and
2. to increase the awareness about what actually goes on during the fasting month, especially for the non-Muslims.

being at the muslimah's prayer section, which are normally at a higher level, allows an aerial view of the muslimin's area. this special month is where families gather and go for prayers together, resulting in a bigger crowd at the mosques.

the mosques were chosen specifically due to this reason: higher ground to capture from. with approvals from the mosques, these photos were taken during the Isya' prayers, right before terawih.


last year was when this idea surfaced in my head. however, i wasn't sure of the etiquette of photography in religious places. it got me questioning whether it was appropriate. this time round, with much consideration and drafting, i've decided to ask for approval from certain mosques regarding this matter. the replies were pretty positive and thus, here they are!

(photographed at An Nahdhah Mosque at Bishan, 20 June 2016)
thank you ustaz zulhilmi for the approval! :-)

(photographed at Alkaff Mosque at Kg Melayu, 21 June 2016)
thank you mr ja'afar junali for the approval! :-)

the difference in clothing/attire while being in the same posture only shows how we are all different, yet the same. and that was what i wanted to bring across.

special thanks to Amalina Osman and Yasmin Abdullah for accompanying me for An Nahdhah Mosque and Alkaff Mosque respectively and especially Kak Hanee for helping me out with the permission letter!

ramadan kareem to all!

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