Was extremely (extremely) humbled and thankful to be chosen to share my story on how i started photography for #thebestofyou by Julie's finale exhibition that happened from 1st-7th November at marina square central atrium. It was an exhibition that showcased each individual's story that were encouraging and inspiring, closely tied to the best of us.

(last year's contribution here)

Alongside personalities such as Rilla Melati, Klly Lmrck, Fathin Amira, Norfasarie and many more, and not to forget my fellow tp design alumni Alfi Eddie! The stories were definitely eye opening and easy to take in. These are short stories that serve as constant reminders for each and every one of us. The vast background of personalities gave us an insight to many different types of life experiences that are relatable to us, in one way or another. In simple words, my takeaway from the other stories were that we are all here for a reason: life is tough and full of challenges, but what you do about it, or how you react to it, that shapes you.

Anyway, super grateful and rlly appreciate the effort of those who spend some time off their busy schedule to drop by and be there. Thank you :')

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