I'm not great with words (and if you know me personally you alr know how bad I still am at receiving compliments #truestory) but I just want to express a huge thank you for all the support, love and kind words thus far.
2016 has been an amazing year, full of countless opportunities and new experiences, met and forged friendships with strangers turned close friends and many life lessons.
if you want to do something, just go for it. make sure it's either right/beneficial/positive for yourself/anyone else.
I'm extremely humbled to be able to share what I enjoy doing (visually) on social media platforms and to be featured on The Best of You - Julie's exhibition coupled with a write up on Berita Harian Singapura recently. words can never express how (paiseh and) thankful and blessed I've been and am for the whole journey before this and to come
(a little shoutout to the people who made this particular exhibition and article happen - from KLOO and BH, and the individuals who have been in this journey from the very beginning and along the way, who had sent messages and tags on fb, fb comments, ig story posts and your encouraging and positive words and doas, rlly appreciate every single one of it and you :') I'm nothing without you)

thank you 2016

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