before every shoot i try to compose myself
i will always make time to prepare myself for the kind of day i will be having because usually most things are new. this time round i took up the challenge of photographing a group of girls who celebrated their 20th year of friendship back in their alma mater

the morning of the shoot i had all kinds of feelings such as "how will they be like?.. can we click?.. will it be smooth?" etc. being a photographer means you have to put aside whatever kind of week/life/feelings and stay focused for those few hours.

these girls in the photo are what friendship goals rlly is. 20 years of friendship, my friends. 20. that is like  witnessing each other's milestones (read: puberty), graduation, first jobs, marriage and first child.. :') and definitely many more

thank you for engaging me in capturing these moments for you, nini&friends!

shot at crescent girls school

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